An Exerpt From A Book I'll Never Write: I Need You Here

I couldn't sleep last night. It wasn't because your snoring kept me up, it wasn't because you were taking up more than half of the mattress, no, it was your absence. It laid next to me all night and refused to let me sleep. It reminded me of the long nights when I felt invincible in your arms. It told me of how your heart longs for mine. It reminded me of the next 10 long months that will keep us apart. I couldn't sleep because I knew somewhere miles away you weren't next to me. I still have the aftertaste of the stars on my lips of which we kissed under.

Cosmic love

Foreign boy

Worlds apart

But somehow a gravitational pull so strong

Our hearts seem to collide

Dancing in space Ignoring any notion

Of time

Refusing to be contained

Refusing to be tamed.

 I couldn't sleep last night. Your absence wrapped itself around me, leaving me empty inside, leaving me lifeless. It turns the hours into years as the moon fades outside and the darkness evaporates from around me. I couldn't sleep last night. My bed turned into the sea of nightmares and I, I was a lost ship, searching for home, searching for you. I need your warmth to feel alright again. I need you here so my nights don't continue to go on sleepless. I need you here.