An Excerpt from a Book I'll Never Write: Fate's secrets are My Nightmares

Now and then, I think of what you said. And it eats me up, it's running through my head. The words keep ringing and circling, steering my attention away from everything but you. We hope for what's not there, empty promises and shallow dreams stained by our desire for something bigger than ourselves. We like to pretend, to think that we can give each other what the other wants, what the other needs. We're like writers who can't figure out how to end the chapter of the book, so we simply keep rambling on and on, hoping that the words will cave in on themselves and find the finishing point by coincidence. But you see, I've never believed in coincidence. I believe in fate, in the universe. There's some odd reason as for why my heart sings at your presence. I just haven't figured it out yet. Maybe I never will.