An Excerpt From a Book I'll Never Write: I Know You'll Never Read This

I fell in love with the way you taste, the way your eyes wander, the way you get lost in your thoughts, yet always come back to me in the end. I fell in love with the way your clothes never match, the fact that you quit smoking for me (at least when I'm around), the way you sip your coffee at 2 in the afternoon, the way your laughter sounds like the melody of the stars. I admire the way you love your younger sister more than life itself, that you talk to our cat more than your friends, that you refuse to follow society's rules, how you learn the lyrics to songs in english to be able to dedicate them to me, the way your fingers get lost in the waves of my hair. I fell in love with the way you say more to me with your eyes than your mouth. I fell in love with the guy my parents told me to avoid, the character that people ignore in books, the artist that can't find himself in his paintings, the guy who's love is gold, who's soul has been intertwined with mine for countless past lives, who reads me like a poem, who holds me like a flower, who touches me like I'm glass, and loves me despite the distance and time that separates us. I fell in love with a guy better than the guy of my dreams, because this one is real.


I know you'll never read this, you can't even understand English, but that's okay, because I don't need to tell you this, you already know it all.