Untitled #153

It was 5am

and I craved to be held

like the cigarette 

that gently hung

from your hand.

I wanted you to 

inhale me.

To taste me 

like the last drop of beer

at the bottom of your glass.

Let me be the aftertaste

that turns into a memory

burned into the back of your mind

of the night

we fell in love 

under the stars.

Wear me 

like your favorite pair

of ripped jeans.

Take me 

in your pockets 

so that when this moment

becomes a part of yesterday

you'll be able to repeat it

over and over again.

Feel me

like the outlines of your tattoos

and let me create some

of my own.

I'm going to stain you

with traces of me.

My name on your mouth,

my taste on your tongue,

my smell on your sheets,

my words in your head.

Never let me fade.

Remember me,

remember me.