Untitled #163


And then comes in doubt and skepticism. They knock down reason, they shut up my conscious, leaving me in a sea of confusion, paddling in the waves, lost with only a map to nowhere in my possession to follow. My heart tumbles through the maze of questions, knots in my throat, feelings taste like foreign languages. You're the colors that don't exist, appearing in my sight, filling the gaps, replacing them with pieces of yourself. It's a spark. A second of connection, of illumination. I crave to know more. I long to decipher  you.  The feeling of drowning in your presence lures me in. I want to absorb your words, your midnight thoughts, your musical voice as you talk about your favorite songs. You brought second guesses in your pockets, you planted plot twists with every kiss. You're the sharp turns that catch me off guard as I speed down the road to a conclusion. I search for answers, but there is none. You've blurred the lines I previously wrote, rewriting me with your ink.

As the what ifs rain outside, each one a drop converted into a river, I'll dance with the chance of a different fairytale ending. One different from the one I dream of, but instead, one I see.