An Excerpt from a Book I'll Never Write: The Backyard of Your Heart

Looking into your eyes is like rereading my favorite book for the eighth time. I get something new out of it every time as the words sing a different melody each time my eyes fall on them. No one told me that loving you was like driving with a car with no brakes, love speeding down my veins, intoxicating my mind with thoughts of you that leave a the aftertaste of the stars, making me ask the universe, from which star you came from because you make me see colors that don't exist. I'll sit in the backyard of your heart and plant my poems to bloom from the rays of your smile. As I lay on the grass watching the technicolor sky transform into different shades of love, inviting the darkness as the sun evaporates past the clouds, constellations shifting in the black abyss above me, the air heavy with the energy of our hearts.