Sins, Mistakes, Regrets, and Lonely Lovers Lost in Each Other

Hating you is easy

Cause baby

You're a mistake

I don't want to make

Because your eyes

Are like crowded bookshelves

And I'm yearning to read

Every page

Baby you make my heart

Turn black and blue

Because I'm holding it back

From loving you

It's the anxious feeling

Knotting  itself

In my throat

Making it hard to breathe

When your hands hold me close

It's not easy to hate you

For you know the right tricks

To make my stomach flip

And my head fill itself

With what's ifs

And I'm drowning

In a foot of water

I'm holding my goddamn breath

Because I know it's wrong to want you

But that's all I seem to get

From this nonexistent fire

That burns in the corners

Of my heart

And I feed it more and more

With every kiss you plant on my lips

Creating gardens of regret

Sprouting in my veins

I tell myself I don't want this

But on lonely Thursday nights

It's you who I miss

And I'll drive my car

Without the brakes

I'll give in to this

Stupid careless mistake

Of convincing myself that I'm not falling

Knowing I've got no parachute to save me

But Im just subconsciously waiting

For your arms to catch me

I'm eating your words like candy

Your fingers are acid rain

On my skin

And I flirt with the Cupid and the devil

By thinking that I'm not going to commit the same sin

The one I've been running from

In dreams and in my mind

I'm dancing with the thought of you

And the way you say "you're mine"

But honey I belong to the wind

I'm the daughter of the sun and the moon

And tonight we'll get tangled in this mess again

And I'll regret that I'm breaking myself in two

Don't say I didn't warn you

When I evaporate into the darkness

I'm an illusion of your daydream

That has come to haunt you endlessly and tear you at the seams

I'm two parts nightmare, one part insane

So don't hate me when I tell you

That I can't be locked in by your chains