Untitled #46

And sometimes it's as simple

as the way the leaves wither and die


you'll find the answers buried in the pages

of the odd numbered chapters

of your life

And you'll realize that the saddest of truths

once tasted like happiness

they looked like his sunshine smile

and they have loopholes 

for you to slide down upon

and land upon my reflection 

in the smokey eyes of strangers

and unknown curbside puddles.

Don't run.

The thoughts of the what ifs

the should have

could have

would have

echo in the basement 

of your head

but I live with the promise

that it will end soon.

You've killed the demons

from under your bed

and inside your messy closet

but not your head


don't kill me off

just yet

I have one more song left 

to sing.