Untitled # 116

Two lonely lost kids

Entranced by the moon

And the light in each other's eyes 

I thought I knew

What love was 

Before I met you

But the heart is an impulsive liar


The feeling of home 

Sits in the crevices between 

Your fingers

And I wonder if you miss me

When you sleep alone


I'm still searching for you

Under my bedsheets 

Like mix-matched socks taken off in mid sleep


I'm searching for you

In sky-grey smoke rings 

Noticing how cigarettes 

Taste more bitter 

When shared with solitude 


We tattooed each other

With the same needle 

Shaky crooked lines 

Permanently staining my flesh

Your essence sinking into my blood


I'm searching for you 

In the vacant streets of my veins

Reminisce of your kisses

In the shadows of my cracked lips


I'm cursing at time

I'm arguing with distance 

I'm holding on to memories

So tight my joints ache


Aching as I dance with nostalgia